Thursday, October 29, 2009

99 Cent Facial

I heard this on the news and decided to try - I must say it worked!!! Take 10 aspirin and crush - add water to make a paste - scrub on face and leave for 10 minutes - rinse off with warm water - Tada!!! (as Maddux would say) -- My face was glow-ow-ing -- It even looked great this morning after I had my makeup on!!!! Now, go to Target or Wal Mart and get you some good ole' 99 cent aspirin!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

I remember the day so vividly.....Maddux was only 2 days old, and the nurse in the hospital asked if we cared to give him a pacifier - He took to it immediately - I have all of these pictures of him from 2 days old to just 3 days ago with his beloved "binky" - And not just any binky: his gumdrop pacifiers that can only be purchased online for about $2.50 a piece - Let me tell you, we ordered LOTS of them - too many to count. (I have no idea where those things go, but I'm sure they're scattered in odd little places all over the house) ANYWAY, we really felt like it was time for the binky to go. We had weaned him down to only having them at nap time and night time - He would ask for them on occasion during the day, but he knew the rules. Well, Sunday night we cut small holes in all 4 we could find. We gave Maddux all 4 of them and he was soooo happy. You would have thought he struck gold. He put the first in his mouth, sucked on it, then threw it across the room. Picked up the second one.....same thing. Third one and so on. He wasn't too upset at first, but then it came time to go "nite nite" -- He cried for 1 hour - It was awful! I wanted to give in so bad, but Max was so insistent. Thank goodness, cause if it had been up to me, he would have gotten a "good" binky after about 5 minutes of crying.
Fast forward to Monday nap time at school - We sent the binky to school with Maddux just like always, and we told his teachers what we were doing.....Maddux always comes home with a "daily report" of how his day went. This is what it said:
"Maddux did not want his pacifier - he said it was broke and he threw it down and
went to sleep!"
Well, Max and I were both relieved.....Until Tuesday night - Same thing as Sunday night except this time he only cried for 30 minutes................
Fast forward to the report we got today at school:
"Maddux did not even ask for his pacifier!"
Here is a couple of pics of the kids - Maddux enjoying his french fries at his new desk I painted for him. And one of him holding Addi Grace.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rainy Monday

This is what our kids were up to this evening......

Addi Grace had oatmeal for the first time and LOVED IT!!

Maddux was lounging on the couch looking at this Toy Magazine - He cracks me up!! He points at everything and says, "I want this Momma" -- Sooooo funny!!! Does he look like a big boy or what???? Speaking of big boy, we cut holes in his "binkies" yesterday. But that's a whole 'nother post.......

Addi Grace also kicked back in the chair and watched Dragon Tales with Maddux.... See how she is clinging on to this burp cloth??? Evidently, I did the same thing when I was younger. I called it my "ca" - Short for cloth...... Like mother like daughter?????

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maddux's Fall Festival

We went to our first "Kids School Function" today! Maddux's school (St. John's Lutheran) had a fall festival this afternoon and it was so much fun! It was mainly the church family in attendance, but there were a couple of Maddux's classmates there. They had tons of food (and most importantly cheetos for Maddux - That's what he is eating in the pictures!) - There were lots of games and a pumpkin painting table - We had so much fun as a family and it was nice getting to meet some new people. And the weather was very nice - a little windy, but as long as it's not raining, it's a good thing!

Here is Maddux eating his cheetos - He was making this silly face too......

Maddux Playing Football - Making his Daddy Proud!
Miss Carmen (her husband is the pastor and she is a teacher at Maddux's school - She is so sweet with Maddux and she just loves Addi Grace!)
Painting our Pumpkin - I can promise you by the time he was done, there was about 3 coats of paint on this pumpkin - I should let Maddux paint more often at home - He sat at this table and was so good and quiet for about 20 minutes until we had to leave - he was so serious about painting that he would not let me touch anything around him - In fact, he started saying, "No Mama - Stop" whenever I would try and help.

Sweet Addi Grace and Max - She really enjoyed being outside and listening to the music. Overall she was pretty good!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I found this website that has the neatest idea for a gifts this Christmas Season! Visit and see the beautiful artwork they make for you. This is what we made for our family and if you enter this code: BDEEJC at checkout, you will receive 10% off your order!!!!


Scary Mommy

So there is this contest on a blog I read at - AND, the winner gets this cool flip video camera - AND, I really want to start posting videos on my blog and I'm pretty sure my good ole Sony Video Camera from the year 2000 isn't compatible to my blog. Ha!

OK Here goes!!

You might be a scary mommy if.......
1. You feed your child goldfish and vanilla wafers for dinner. All because that's what he eats :)
2. You feed yourself goldfish and vanilla wafers for dinner. All because you are too lazy to cook.
3. You send your child to bed wearing last years pajamas that are so tight they look like spandex- all because you didn't do laundry.
4. You let your child SCREAM because you JUST CAN'T TAKE DORA ANYMORE!!!!
5. (My husband's favorite) Child finally quits screaming after you leave to go to store - Then realize your wallet is inside so you have to go back in - yikes!
6. Your child says "Son of a $#!@*" (in context I might add!) and laughs - You leave the room laughing about to pee pants. (For the record - we DO NOT allow this in our home - he has not said it since and I think I finally realize that children repeat everything you say, so I am trying not to say that anymore!)
7. You offer your child markers (and do not care whether they are the washable kind or not) just so you can watch "Real Housewives" re-run!!!!! Ha!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 Second Memories for Toddlers

OK - We carved the BIG Pumpkin and Maddux was interested for about 5 seconds! I know, I know, that's normal right? We tried everything to get him to watch, but all he wanted to do was run around the yard and chase Sosa the cat. I mean, that's alot more fun right???? Well, here are a couple of pictures of "Pumpkin Carving" which looks like he enjoyed it for 30 minutes. Let me assure you (and Sosa can confirm) that Maddux was only entertained for 5 seconds!

Can you tell they are brother and sister????? Ha!

This is Addi Grace a few weeks ago - 4 months old..........

And this is Maddux at 4 months old! Oh! I think they are starting to look more and more alike - Except, I think Addi Grace's hair is going to be brown -- But the eyes are staying blue just like her brothers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to Reality and Loving It!

So, Max and I went to Branson over the weekend with our friends - (Thanks Mimi for keeping the kids!) We arrived home this morning to two "happy to see us" kids!! We had a great day sweeping the leaves off the deck, folding laundry, grocery shopping and more! And, I even got to finish that old school desk project! Enjoy the pics!!!

Addi Grace sporting her new outfit we got her in Branson.....Pink shoes and all! As soon as I snapped this picture, she somehow got the shoes off.

Yes, that is spit up coming out of her mouth....Sorry! She was just so happy watching Maddux outside :)
My re-finished old school desk - Maddux picked the paint color (blue) and I painted the top in Chalkboard paint!! How cool is that!!! It has to cure overnight, so I will get pics of Maddux using it tomorrow - He LOVES sidewalk chalk, so I figured he would love this.....
Maddux had a blast sweeping the leaves....I love this age!! Something tells me he won't want to be doing much of this when he becomes a teenager ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mini Vacation Without the Kids!!

Max and I got away at the last minute to go to Branson with our good friends Kevin and Christine Graham - Without Kids! I'm excited, but missing the kids already.....I will post pics soon!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Milestones and House Shoes

This is what my darling little girl learned how to do today and I am so proud! She brought her toy to her mouth and was chewing on it! She's been teething for about a month now and has been chewing (and drooling) on my fingers. I don't remember Maddux using his hands like this (or teething) at 4 1/2 months. What I do remember is reading every book and website about what "milestone" babies were supposed to reach at what month. Well, I guess this just goes to show that every baby is different and most Momma's quit reading those books and websites once the second baby comes along!

Maddux got his first pair of "House Shoes" today - He LOVES them... He scooted around the house in them saying "choo choo" -- He only scooted because they are a little big ;) I refuse to call them his Thomas the Tank Engine Shoes, so I think I will re name them his Jimmy Choo Choos... What do you think? Hahahahah

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cleaning With A Toddler

I have been trying to do a little bit of cleaning each day, instead of trying to do it all in one day. Well, as I've said in previous posts, Maddux is my little helper! Today we mopped the floors, and since I only have one mop, I had to get the swiffer vacuum out. He LOVES that thing. And of course, it has to be turned on. Here is my little helper!
And of course, as soon as we were finished, he hopped on his tricycle and made sure those newly mopped clean floors were broken in!!!!

I also captured this picture of the kids with Max tonight. Maddux was so happy because he got to hold her! Also, Addi Grace got her 4 month old shots today, so I am thankful she was smiling in the picture. She is such a little trooper. So far no fever from the shots! Thank you Lord!!

Also, just wanted to congratulate my Sister In Law, Wendy Dunn for winning Celebrate of Northwest Arkansas' Favorite Photographer!!! Way to go Wendy! She is always been #1 in our book, and we are proud that she is #1 in theirs!! To see her work visit her website at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pirate Pumpkin

I bought this decoration kit for pumpkins at Target today - A pirate!!

This is what we made: Arrrrrrrrrrr...................
Maddux was even talking to the pumpkin! Ahoy Matey!!!!
Until I told him that his french fries were ready! Shiver Me Timbers! Me French Fries arrrrrr ready!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Fun In The Kitchen

This weekend was soooo fun. My Mom (aka Mimi) came in to town and spent the weekend with us. Here is a pic of her and Addi Grace and another with her and Maddux..... We also went to the Pumpkin Patch, AGAIN, to get a big pumpkin to carve. I think Maddux would live at the Pumpkin Patch if we let him. We only stayed a little bit because it was so cold. Maddux was not a happy camper when left. Lets just say it was a fun drive home.

Maddux and I had a little fun in the kitchen this evening. We baked cookies!! He is becoming quite the "Mommy's helper" around the house. He loves to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. He can put the dawn dish washing pack in the dishwasher and push start. (he finally quit wanting to crawl in the dishwasher! yay!) He LOVES to help feed Addi Grace. He is very good at picking up his toys if we swing the "clean up" song. He takes things to the trash can for us. And, he even is getting very good at saying please, thank you and you're welcome. To my future daughter in law. YOU ARE WELCOME! HA!!! Anyway, I haven't really done any baking with him until today...... Here are some pics from this experience! It was awesome!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Tailgating

I read a lot - She does a blog series called "Show Us Your Life" where people get to post about a certain topic. Well, this weeks blog is about "tailgating" - As most of you who read this know I work for the University of Arkansas Athletic Department. Soooo, our family LOVES THE HOGS!!!! Today, we played Auburn in Football. Is was an 11:00 am game, so Max went to the game by himself (sorry honey - It was just too cold!) Anyway, we always tailgate with our friends the Tennant's at their family's house on campus - "1028" as everyone calls it. They park cars in their back yard and our "group" hangs out there before and after the games. It's SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!! Everyone has kids about the same ages, so it's so much fun to get together and hang out. We usually decide on the menu the week of the game and today's theme was "nachos" - It was yummy!! Here is a couple of pics of Maddux and Addi Grace. Every year we get "Mad Dog" printed on the back of his Razorback Football Jersey - The other pic is of him acting silly (which he did lots of that today!) He was such a good boy today. He didn't get in trouble one time! I'm thinking it's because I kept giving him cookies ;)

Here are the guys hangin out by the food of course....From the left Kyle Watson, Marty Sutton, Max, Jimmy Carey, and Justin Tennant. I have no idea where Billy Waite was during this picture...Sorry Billy!

Here is me and the girls (Leslee wasn't there - I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON! We missed you and Marisa!) Katie Tennant is to my right. Her and her husband have 2 kiddos: Jackson and Campbell - Jackson is the most hilarious little 5 year old boy that you will ever meet! He has this thing about asking people for their drivers license or Sam's Club Card - Katie told us he's going to be a police officer for Halloween this year. So fitting!! Campbell is their daughter. She is 9 months younger than Maddux and is so cute. Campbell and Maddux played together today and it was so cute to watch. Note to the Tennant's: I think Maddux is pretty fond of Campbell. He kept talking about her after we left. awe! Lara Waite is to my left. Her and her husband, Billy, have sweet little Finley. She wasn't with them today and we missed her dearly! She is ADORABLE! Another dear friend of mine, Leslee Sutton had to send Marty solo today. Leslee is a little under the weather. They have a GORGEOUS baby girl, Marisa, who is 1 month older than Addi Grace. Hope you feel better soon Leslee! Maddux missed your cupcakes!

THANKS TO THE TENNANT'S (FORREST, VANNY, KATIE, JUSTIN) for letting us hang out. We have a great time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Find For The Kids

I am so excited! I found a great old school desk today for only $15 !! I don't know how old it is, but it's in perfect condition. I plan on re-painting it and I have an idea of what I want to do to it, but you'll have to wait till I finish it before the reveal. Based on the current cool weather, I will have to wait till it warms up a bit (and free time which is rare) - Hopefully I will get to it soon. I thought it would be a great place for Maddux to sit and eat his snacks or maybe color a picture. He currently uses our coffee table for both and I'm tired of constantly wiping that thing down! Here is a picture of what it looks like now.

We had a great night with the kids - I spent a lot of time in Addi Grace's room cleaning out drawers, and sorting through clothes that she has outgrown. I can't believe how many clothes I put away. That girl is growing like a weed! She is wearing mostly 6 months and even some of those things are starting to get "snug" -- Anyway, here is a pic of Addi Grace in her room and one of Maddux tonight before bedtime. He was sooooo tired, hence the binky and hand in his hair. He's always had a thing for playing with hair when he gets tired. I can remember before he was walking that he ALWAYS had ahold of my hair. He still will play with mine sometimes if we are cuddling. I just love it.
Can't wait for tomorrow's Hog game vs. Auburn. We are the underdog, so I'm hoping that we can pull it off. We are tailgating with some friends after the game tomorrow, so I hope to get lots of pictures of our friends and post them tomorrow.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Maddux and Addi Grace: Please stay this age Forever!!!!!

Tonight was such a fun quiet night (until the Tornado Warnings) Maddux has recently started dragging his blanket around which is funny because he's never been attached to anything but his "binky". Anyway, I found this cute t-shirt at Target that has the body of Linus from Peanuts printed on the front. I thought it would be cute on Maddux since he has blonde curly hair. Little did I know that he would eventually start carrying a blanket around like Linus too!!
It has really hit me lately that I have TWO kids. Sometimes I can't believe it. Maddux and Addi Grace are growing so fast and I wish they could be this age forever. But on the other hand, every day just gets more and more fun, so I look forward to them getting older as well. Maddux is such a good big brother. He is very interested in helping me with things for Addi Grace. And of course, she just lights up anytime he is around. Well, tonight we were back in Addi Grace's room and Maddux wanted to get in the crib. He just sat there and played with the mirrored toy that hangs on the railing. He asked me to put Addi Grace in there with him. SO, I did! Here they are. (I tried to get him to get closer to her for a sweeter picture, but by the time he finally did, she was having a meltdown)
Maddux's school is raising money right now to re-paint the classrooms. They are having a penny race and he was talking about it tonight. He got all excited when I asked him if he was saying "penny race" - I got a ziploc bag out and we went around the house looking for spare change to put in his bag. We even went over to our neighbors house to see if they wanted to donate some "pennies" - He had so much fun adding change to his little bag. He also toted it around in his "trunk" (along with his juice and goldfish pretzels) - So cute!!!

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