Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wii Love To Play

Maddux has been "making" Max and I play Wii -- My favorite is the Wii Bowling and Tennis -- When he was a infant, he would just sit in his bouncy and watch us play for hours. (We literally played for hours back then - I know, we are dorks, right???? )He brings us the Wii remotes and says "play momma" - recently, he has started wanting to hold his own remote and he tries to mimic what we do. He thinks he is playing and it's hilarious! Well, now he has discovered the Wii Fit -- He keeps bringing me the case for it and I finally got it out... Here is our little man playing --
As for Addi Grace, she had her 4 Month Well Check Today with Dr.Gordon -- She didn't get her shots though...She is still running a low grade fever and they want her to be fever free for a couple of days before she gets them.... Our little chunk weighed in at a whopping 15pounds 6 oz! She is in the 90 % in weight for her age and she shot up on the charts on height - She's now in the 80% !!!! Wow!!! Can we say big baby or what??? She was in a GREAT mood at the Doctors office. I think she was trying to win over the nurses and Dr. Gordon so they wouldn't give her the shots! Well Miss Addi Grace, It worked for now but I'm afraid the shots are inevitable..... Here are some pics of her hamming it up tonight before bedtime!

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