Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Pull Up Diaper Designer at Pampers.........

Sweet little Maddux has been wearing pull ups for a few months now.....And he loves them! We are pretty successful at going "pee pee" in the potty some of the time. As for the other....well, that's a whole nother post.....Anyway, the most recent box of pull ups has the designs from "Toy Story" on them - My darling husband thought it would be cool to show Maddux all of the characters from Toy Story - Especially "Buzz Lightyear" - Now, it's important to point out to you that there are about 4 different designs of the Toy Story pull ups in each box - Well, Maddux has come to love the "Buzz Lightyear" design. Every night, he picks through the box until he finds that perfect "Buzz Lightyear" design....It's really quite humorous. Well, if you can imagine that after a couple of weeks of only picking the "Buzz Lightyear" designs, we are kind of running low....So, Max hides one of the other designs in his back pocket and right before he helps Maddux put on his pull up, he switches it out! Very clever Max! Well, that was until tonight....Maddux decided that he wanted to see "Buzz Lightyear" after Max put his pull up on, and low and behold, "Buzz" wasn't there!! He kept looking and looking - (he even tried to look at his back side but was unsuccessful) Let's just say he wasn't happy and proceeded to take off the pull up -- Sooooo, Dear Pampers......Can you make a whole box of pull ups with just one design option??????? Please????????

Here are some pics of the kids tonight before bed time -

Maddux watching "Dora"
Addi Grace was very offended that I took her picture :)


  1. That is hilarious! Oh dear, I am dreading the days of having to outsmart my kid! They are just around the corner.

  2. HOLY MOLY! You'd think our boys are related or something...oh wait...anyway, Braden and GArrett both did that! They were just way too smart for us!

  3. I know this is way after the fact but you could always put on a different pullup and then put the buzz pull up over it. We usually double up on pulls at our house in case of a leak. In the morning if the outer pull up is still dry we save ir for the next night just throwing away the wet inside pull up. You should have plenty of Buzz;s if you do it that way.


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