Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

I'm posting from work (shame, shame!) - Only taking about 5 minutes, I promise! Anyway, here are some cute old pics of Maddux I found - My, how I miss my little baby boy!Don't adjust your monitors either - That is Maddux with brown curly hair! He was born with a head full of it - it fell out around 4 months, and came back blond curly!

Maddux and his cousin, Jake - Jake is Maddux's best friend - We love you Jake! Hope you feel better soon!!!! (He had staples put in the back of his head 2 days ago from a nasty fall!!!)

1 comment:

  1. Poor Jake! Golly, it seems like yesterday that Maddux was that little!!! We are going to have to get Stinkypoo...whatever it is! It just sounds cute!


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