Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Crazy Thanksgiving Holiday

Well, it all started out this past Tuesday with this: All the ingredients to make Fudge!!

And Maddux really, really liked the Marshmellow Creme :)
Fast forward to Tuesday night - Maddux was up ALL NIGHT coughing - It was awful - We had given him everything we could without overdosing - And nothing was working.....So, I took him to the Dr. on Weds. morning -- Ear infection was the worst of it. They also gave us stronger cough meds (awesome) - and a Z-Pack - Soooo, we decided to kind of shorten our Thanksgiving trip to just the day on Thursday. We really felt like Maddux would rest better at home in his bed.

So Thursday, we went to my Dad's house - and then on to my Nanny's (Hi Nanny!) -- It was my brother (Brad) and grandpas birthday on Thursday as well. Here are a couple of pics of the kids on Thanksgiving!!

Addi Grace eating some "mashed potatoes" and Maddux outside with my brother riding around on the farm....

So fast forward to 4am Saturday morning - Yup, 4am - Addi Grace woke up BURNING UP - Her temp was 102.7 - So at 7am, I took her to the walk in clinic - No flu, thank goodness! Just an upper respiratory infection. All of
this on her 6 month old birthday!!!

I really did enjoy our Thanksgiving though. It was a little crazier than I would have liked, but it was a good one......

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  1. bless their hearts! hope ya'll are all feeling better and had a happy thanksgiving!


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