Friday, January 22, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.......And Where I shop!

One of my favorite blogs is having a "Show Us Your Life" Where I shop - I'm posting some places we've been shopping for our house addition:

Anytime you are remodeling a home, it requires you to make decisions. I for one hate this. I just want to pick something out and be done with it. But my darling husband is exactly the opposite, and I am thankful for that. God put us together for a reason! During this addition to our home, I get to start from scratch - That's the part I hate. We are doing a leopard print carpet in the "Media Room" - People probably think I'm crazy, but we are having a huge custom entertainment center built and it will be black. It's gonna cover a whole wall. With the furniture and that entertainment center, the carpet will really just look like a giant rug. As for the furniture, we decided to go with leather.....again. I really wanted an upholstered piece, but with 2 babies, I know I would regret it. So, most of the room is done, but now comes the most difficult part for me. Paint colors and accessories!!!! Yikes! I need advice!
Can I say anymore about these 2 stores - Just love everything. If only I had an unlimited budget!

We've chosen lot's of things from The Home Depot - We found a fabulous bath vanity that looks like a piece of furniture - It has 2 sinks - It's a black vanity- We've chosen a top that has a granite look to it - The faucets will have a brushed nickel finish. I couldn't find a picture on-line - Will have to post when it comes in!

I found a cool website about Stained Concrete Floors - We are going to do this in the bathroom - So many choices!! I think we will end up keeping it simple though....

As for the remainder of things to be chosen....There's an endless list! I will post more soon!


  1. Hi KJ...I love your blog, I can't wait to come back and read more!! We just did two room additions a couple of years ago... like you, My husband and I were married in 2004 and we have two little ones as well...I am glad Addi Grace is doing better on Nutramigen..Ayla had to be on it as is good but so dang you have pictures of your additions posted, would love to see them! Have a great weekend!

  2. Who cares what others think?! Do what you guys want... and a leopard print carpet sounds fabulous. ;) LOVE the idea of stained concrete!! That is going to look awesome. Now, I just need to plan a visit for when the remodeling is all done.

  3. Oh i remember those days all to well. It is amazing all the decisions you have to make! I can't wait to see person! I know it will be awesome! I love the stained concrete!


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