Monday, January 18, 2010

Renovation Pics #1 and More!

The Renovation/addition to our house began last week! They gutted the interior of the detached garage. Max and I couldn't believe how big it seemed with everything cleaned out! Basically, this garage was an 800 square foot, 3 bay garage. Max has used it for storage, and all of his woodworking tools for the past 6 years. It needed a new roof and some other work done to it, so we decided to just go ahead and attach it to the house and make more living space. It is only about 8 feet from our house. Here are the pics after the demo.

Mimi came into town on Saturday to see the kids. They were so happy to see her! We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Sat night and Maddux had so much fun. He also got to wear "big boy underwear" for the first time this weekend. It didn't go so well..... He peed all over himself (and my carpet) and was very upset. I'm thinking it was too soon for "big boy underwear" -- I will say this though, he for sure didn't like it - Maybe it's not too soon??? Anybody got any advice? He's 2 1/2 as of the end of this month......

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