Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Finished Sippy Cup and House Renovation Update!

So our House Renovation has come a long way in the past 2 week. You can see the addition below. The left side (brown part) was the detached garage on our property - The right side (Tan part) is our existing house. The plywood part in the middle is the connecting piece - They finished the roof so quick! I was really expecting to still be waiting for that part. Also below is some pictures of the inside - They are currently running the electrical wires and finishing up plumbing stuff - If all goes well, they will put up sheet rock next week! Our built in should be here then as well. Can't wait!! We just got updated from our builder on all of the costs - Yikes - We've already gone over. Not too much though. We added some things in the past week like more light (can lighting) and moved a window, etc. So now our budget isn't allowing us to have someone paint our built in, so Max and I will have to do that. No problem though. Max is an amazing painter. Can't wait to show pics of the bathroom vanity he painted! A gorgeous sage green color with a brown glaze/paint mixture. It looks fabulous!!!!

Please try to picture this all one color! And, they still have one more window to put in the connecting piece - Can't wait to get it all landscaped outside too!

This is Addi Grace's Room - Love the vaulted ceilings. She's got a HUGE closet too. She can thank us for that later :)

This pic is from the Guest Bedroom view - The bathroom is on the left - You can see the bathtub - This is going to be a Jack and Jill bathroom.
Wait, I just told Addi Grace that she had a HUGE closet - This was her reaction!!!
So Maddux and I ended up making the "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy cup - Think he liked it??? Just so happens that these little Sippy Cups turned out to be awesome!!!! What a great idea for Birthday Party Favors huh?????

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I made the HUGE mistake of asking Maddux last night if he wanted his milk in a "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" Sippy Cup - As soon as I said it, Max looked at me, shaking his head in shame - Then it hit me - We don't have a "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy Cup. So, I figured I would just pour his milk in the "Lightning McQueen" Sippy and he would never know...........Um, Yeah....He knew. And he let everyone know about it by throwing the biggest hissy fit I've seen in a while.......So, I promised him that I would get him a "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy cup today. I have found regular cups with "Buzz", but not Sippy Cups - So, I thought today I would just print out a Buzz Image from Google Images and Tape it on with clear packaging tape. How awesome is that!! We've got all of these plain sippy cups at home, so this is going to be the perfect thing! He's going to be so excited!!!
I'm so excited that I might just make myself a "Buzz Lightyear" Wine Glass tonight! ha!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

College Baseball is here!!!

So, the College Baseball Season has officially started! Which means, I will pretty much will be living at work for the next 5 months! Maddux came to work with me late Thursday - We took a "break" and headed outside on the field for some fun. Maddux wanted to play "Do You Know?"
Did you know this is how you catch a fly ball? (Yes, he's left handed, and no, I didn't tell him what to do - If you know his daddy, you know that Maddux has good Athletic Genes!)
Did you know this is how you catch a ground ball?

Did you know that we finished 3rd place in the College World Series last year??

Do You know this is the greatest College Baseball Stadium in the Country? Baum Stadium, University of Arkansas!.

Go Hogs!!!!! This is Maddux's 3rd baseball season and the 1st where he's actually been interested in the game. Even if it's just for 5 minutes! We love it! Woo Pig Sooiee!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink..........Skinnamarinky Doo......

I LOVE YOU! Addi Grace somehow loves this song. I can remember singing to her when she was going through her "colic" months - Maybe she remembers?? Anyway, everytime I sing her this song, she smiles so big! I usually sing it to her in the car, so I got her on video - Even if she's upset and I sing it to her, it makes her happy!

And yes, I do know that I am a terrible singer. I am not like those crazy people on American Idol who think they are good but are really terrible. However, I swear that sometimes when the radio is up really loud and I'm really concentrating, I sound kinda good ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arkansas Razorback Baseball Fan Day At The Mall !

We had a great weekend - We survived yet again another snow! Our baseball season gets started in a couple of weeks and every year we have a "Meet the Razorbacks" Day at the mall. Maddux had a great time as long as "Ribby" the mascot wasn't around! He finally found a chair by a couple of players and started "signing autographs" - It was hilarious! Addi Grace was her usual smiling self - She wasn't afraid of Ribby like her Big Brother!!!

Renovation Update - I really don't think it's ever going to quit snowing - Seriously - I never thought I would say that about living in Arkansas - They have some of the concrete poured, but are waiting for 1 more clear day (tomorrow????) to finish up and then it will be ready to frame! I now know why the contractor added 5 weeks to the finish date before he started. You never know how the winter weather will affect things!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Age Ketchup! Super Cool!

This is just a cool thing. I've always hated getting ketchup packets at fast food places because:

1. It usually squirts EVERYWHERE

2. There is not that much ketchup in the packet anyway

3. It's too hard to open

4. I don't want to ask for 40 ketchup packets.

Well, today, Heinz released news that they are re-vamping the ketchup packet!! It has a nice easy tab to tear open, or you have the option to "dip" because the packet also serves as a small cup. So cool!!

BTW - We are still waiting for the weather to "clear up" to pour the concrete slab on our addition. Yes, we've been waiting for a week now, and I think we will have to wait a few more days. I'm sick of rain and snow!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny Looking Chair..........You Kidding Me??

Can You Believe This Chair Costs............$1,800.00? Yikes - It looks like a dead animal. And are those eyes ??????

Monday, February 1, 2010

Renovation Update and SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!

We had a wonderful, snow filled weekend here in Fayetteville - It hasn't snowed like this in a long time. Everyone in the neighborhood got together and went sledding on our street - Max and Maddux had so much fun. They built a snowman, had a snowball fight and built a snow fort with cousin Jake and Uncle Whitley. Addi Grace and I mostly stayed indoors because it was just too cold! We did however, have our own little "fort" built with blankets on the couch in front of the warm fireplace!!

The weather has caused some delays in our renovation - They were "supposed" to pour the concrete slab last Thursday, but the freezing rain put a halt to that. Then it snowed Friday. Hopefully they will be able to get to it today! We only need 3 days of dry weather to get this done! They did however get the plumbing installed last week.And yes, those are garage doors in this picture. They will be taken out as soon as they get the concrete poured! If all goes well (weather) they should have everything framed up by next week. As for my last post regarding the concrete floors, bathroom vanity, etc.......Well, it's changed. We decided to not do the stained concrete floors because of the potential cracking. We live on a mountain and EVERY home on this mountain has foundation issues. So, our builder thought it was a wiser decision to go ahead and use tile above the concrete in the bathroom just in case anything ever moved. And the vanity. We really just changed our mind on buying a finished vanity and decided to go with an unfinished wood vanity. We are going to paint it black, which was the color of the other one we had found. However, it allows us to paint it a different color down the road if we wanted to, and it was about $400 cheaper :) Also, it's real wood and not the composite wood.

I also came across a really cool website. It's way super cool (as Maddux would say) - They basically offer online design advice. You can upload pictures and they will help you out! What a great service if you ever get "stuck" on a designing project!

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