Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camping Trip

So off we went to the woods for a camping trip. Camping is really not my cup of tea. Especially when it's raining. But in spite of that, I think the majority of everyone had a good time. I left a day early to get back to my sweet Addi Grace. My Mom was keeping her and she came down with Laryngitis.

So here are my boys going wild on the 4 wheelers - Maddux is such a Dare Devil. He kept telling Max, "Faster Daddy, Faster"

This is the perfect pic of Maddux telling us how he was going to sleep in the tent that night. He's so hilarious - Like we didn't know we were camping out or something!

Max showing Maddux how to make a smore. All Maddux wanted to do was push a stick in the fire. Let's just say this Smore ended up on the ground all because of a "Terrible 2" fit that was thrown..... Geez.....

Maddux pretending he was driving the 4 wheeler. Don't you just love his "Big Cheese" Shirt??

This was the last day I saw my darling husband with a beard. He shaved it off when he got home. I'm also realizing it's time to get my hair colored again.....Yikes.

Our good friends, the Graham's - Kevin, Christine and Catie!

Our Amazing Huge Tent. I had no idea they made them this big!

The "Big Cheese"

Maddux helping Daddy set up the tent...

Maddux and Catie playing. They were so funny together! This pic cracks me up!

Farm Friends with Maddux and Mommy!

The Fayetteville Local 4-H Clubs have an annual event called "Farm Friends" at the Equine Center on the University Campus. We've never taken Maddux before, but I thought this was the perfect time to start! He loves animals so much! Max and Addi Grace stayed at home and played.... I wish we would have taken her too though. I think she would have liked it :) Maddux insisted on wearing his Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid over his "Boo Boo" - That happened earlier in the day at school. He tripped over a slide. Poor little guy! His first real "shiner" - Also, please make note that he has eczema on his face. A lot of pictures will look like his face is dirty, but it's just that darn eczema. Anybody have any suggestions for treatment???? I've never dealt with this before! Ugh!
Maddux was having a conversation with the sheep. It baaed at him and he thought it was so funny!
Petting the Goats. All of these animals were so friendly!

OK - This was HILARIOUS! This was a plastic cow, and he is infatuated with cows right now. Every time we talk about going to my Dad's farm, he says he wants to ride a cow.... Well, he got to milk one instead!

These little Bunnies were so cute! I've actually always been scared of rabbits. I think it's because of those creepy rabbit foot key chains that were popular way back when I was little. And no, I didn't have one.....

Here is Sweet Maddux wanting to take the rabbit on a "walk" -- The Rabbit wouldn't budge...

Another Goat!

Another Rabbit!

The baby chickens! He held one in his hands, but screamed like a little girl when it moved.... I think I screamed too. Oooops.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maddux and his BFF Reid at the Hogs Baseball Game!

So, Maddux had a first this past week! I Friend get-together at the ballpark!! It was so fun! Maddux has a really good friend at his school named Reid. They are BFF"s I tell ya! Evidently, Reid's Mom Lindsay says that Reid talks about Maddux all the time. Well, Maddux talks about Reid too! It's so cute! Here are some pics from the boys day at the ballpark! And the Hogs won!! Wooooooo Pig Sooooieee!!!!!! Thanks for coming Lindsay, Garrett, and Reid!!! We had a blast!

The transformation of my New Little Girl Room!!

Hey Guys! I've been on my Mom to get pics of my new room posted!! Here we go!!
Me and my Momma found these cute shoes at Target, and felt like this was the perfect "inspiration" for my new room. Now, I'm not out of my crib yet, but we decided to go ahead and get my big girl bed all made up real cute and all!

Of course, you can't go wrong with your name spelled out. Daddy actually painted these for me. Polka Dots and all!!! Didn't he do a great job?? He surprised me and Momma ;)

Now, these are some 6 inch wooden circles that we covered in fabric with foam cushioning behind. We gathered up some blue silk and hot glued it along with the fringe to make it appear like a flower button. We need to adjust the silk a little more. Looks crooked ;)

These are my window treatments. My Momma came down with a HORRIBLE SINUS INFECTION and has not been able to stay up till 2am (like she's been doing for the past week) trying to get this stuff finished. That's probably why she is so sick now :) So, for the record, the pink pola dot fabric is going to be a ballon valance. Just hasn't been done yet :)

OK, so this is my new upholstered headboard. Daddy made this for me. He's got a great idea on how to mount it to the wall. Maybe someday my Momma can make a tutorial and post it online. The fabric is a rough silk with tiny polka dots. The green silk pillowcases were already made at the fabric store and were in a clearance bin. We snatched these babied up for sure! My Great-Great Aunt Evelyn quilted the top of the bedspread. It turned out FABULOUS! My momma is currently sewing green silk similar to the pillowcases around the edges of the quilted top of the bedspread. You can see below!

Isn't my Momma just great??? Well, she's defintely learned alot about sewing these past 2 weeks!

This is just a pic of one of my lamps. We found some coordinating trim at Hob Lob and decided to Hot Glue it to the edges..... Hot Glue Guns Rock!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My two little Easter Bunnies!!

Maddux, can you say "Pink Nightmare" ? Hahahahah - Little Shout out to the movie "A Christmas Story"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Everybody!!!! House Updates!

I know, I know, your probably thinking, what is a picture of that old dresser doing on your blog??? Well, I have to brag a little....... I found this piece at the Habitat Store in Fayetteville at least 7 months ago. It's been neglected ever since until this past week!!! I sanded, primed and painted one coat of my new favorite color, Split Pea, by Benjamin Moore! I have to add that my darling husband put a second coat of paint and poly on for me. He also replaced the old nasty white knobs with glass knobs! Did it turn out cute or what????
Now, this next piece of furniture I found at the good ole Salvation Army. I was dropping off some old clothes, etc for donations, and I spotted this night stand. I should have taken a picture of the "before" - Let me tell you...It was so ugly. Someone had tried to paint it 3 different colors. The bones were good though. All it needed was a good sanding and a cute coat of Pink paint!!! I'm going to paint some green polka dots on top. It matches her bedding. I finally bought all of the material. Can't wait to show everybody! My Aunt Evelyn (great aunt) is quilting the top of her bedspread. As soon as she's done with it, I'm going to sew a bed ruffle around the edges....

OK, so the pic above is of the double sink vanity - Max painted this and he did an incredible job!!!! He also did all of the tiling on the floor and in the shower - We are waiting for a couple of tiles to come in so he can finish :) We also originally painted the walls a cream color. However, when we put the vanity in, it looked HORRIBLE. The green distressed vanity looked "too" green. So, I suggested we paint the walls the same chocolate brown as the media room. Wallah! It toned everything right down! Max painted this unfinished cabinet a green color and then rubbed stain over it to create a distressed look. I couldn't be more happier! Very glad we chose to go this way over the black cabinet!

So, the pic below is not the greatest, but you can see my lovely Leopard Print Carpet!!!!! Yay!!! I love!!! You are looking straight into the hallway that leads to the 2 new bedrooms. The bathroom is on the backside of the bedrooms and connects to both. You can also see my 2 fabulous picture finds! Max and I went to a local lighting store that went out of business. The bank was selling everything they had at 75% off! These 2 pics were listed at $275 for the pair, and we got them for about $70. They were a perfect fit for the hallway!!! I knew we would use them somewhere in the new space, but just didn't know where! Now, I don't have any blind or window treatments up, so the glare is coming through the window. Sorry! We painted the walls a chocolate brown color. LOVE!!!

Oh, I could just eat her up! She's such a little Momma's girl and I love it! Can't wait for Easter Sunday! Maddux will have a blast hunting for Eggs..... OK, I think I'm going to admit this girl looks just like me! Yikes!!

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