Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big #1 for Addi Grace!!

Well, we are not officially turning 1 yet, but we celebrated Addi Grace's birthday with Max's family this past weekend. We are off to my Dad's house this weekend to celebrate with them. Then, it's off to Birmingham, AL for the SEC Baseball tournament. I'm taking Addi Grace with me, so she will officially turn 1 there. Hard to believe that a year ago, I was on bed rest!! I was so sick and so miserable. Oh how time flies!! Here are some pics...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Me Time...

OK, so even if I did have to travel for work to Little Rock on a weekday and come back to Fayetteville after the game, it was still some "Me Time" - I left with 2 good friend at 1:00pm from Fayetteville to Little Rock, AR to work our baseball game at the Little Rock Travelers Ballpark. It was a beautiful place and the place was SOLD OUT! I really only had to work till the 2nd inning, so it was the first time in 2 years, that I watched a baseball game with no kids! No worrying about if they were hungry, needed a diaper change, were getting into something.....Ahhhh. It was bliss. First of all, I love baseball. It's so relaxing to sit there and watch and just relax...... And we won!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband for "holding the fort down" while Mommy went on a "work trip" - I Love my Job!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

People! We have Teeth!!

Addi Grace finally has teeth! You still can't see them yet, but as I was letting her knaw on my finger, I felt little sharp teeth!

I also managed to get a clippie bow in her hair this morning and it stayed! I think I may try little piggie tails soon! (Melissa, if you are reading this, you can try with her and Max won't get mad ;) haha!!

After posting these pics, I'm weirded out about how much she looks like I did when I was a baby!

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