Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooties and Booties

This weekend, I had to take both of the kids to the Dr. --(They are both fine - just good ole ear infections and colds!) ANYWAY, Addi Grace and I were in the waiting room Saturday night. It was a very small waiting room that happened to be packed with sick people. There was a cute little frat boy sitting next to us and I asked him politely what he thought was wrong with him. If he dared to say "flu" - I would have high tailed it out of there. He politely said, "Oh - I'm not sick, I brought my friend here" - I said ok and began to make conversation. In the meantime, Addi Grace was very much ready to get out of her car seat. I set her on my lap, and she started cooing and smiling at this cute frat boy. The guy laughed but wasn't very sure what to do. Well, low and behold, my darling, adorable, sweet baby girl decides to let out some "tooties" -- And they were kind of loud..... I was panicked that the cute frat boy would think it was me with the "tooties" -- So, I said outloud "Excuse you Miss Addi Grace!!" - The guy just laughed... I was soooo embarrassed!!!!!!!!

I finally found Addi Grace a cute pair of winter shoes. I have kind of been disappoined in the shoe selection for baby girls. I always found cute boy shoes for Maddux when he was an infant. And isn't it supposed to be easier to find cute baby stuff for girls?????? Ugh....

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  1. Kelly...I am so glad you left me your blog link! What precious kiddos you have...they are adorable & I love Maddux's curls!! You ahve a beautiful little family!


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