Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clap Up High...Clap Down Low

We've been taking Maddux to Gymnastics (Or m-nastics as he calls it) - He LOVES it! His favorite part is the Beam and the Block Pit -- He also loves circle time. They play a cute little song where they sing "Clap up High! Now, Clap down Low" We sang the song today while we were playing outside w/ sidewalk chalk. I got some pics and it was so cute! !

We go tomorrow for Addi Grace's 4 month check up -- If she's still running a low grade fever, we will have to hold off on her shots. We kept her inside this evening so the only pic I have is her in her swing today. She has really started using her hands alot. I caught her staring and moving them like she had never seen them before-- It's amazing how different she is than Maddux was as a baby. Maddux was so happy and easy going. She's a happy baby now (after we got her colic and acid reflux under control) but she is definitely HIGH MAINTENANCE! I wonder if that's because she's a girl?????????????


  1. I'm a newcomer here...just wanted to say your kids are adorable!!

  2. I heart your blog!!!!! I am adding you to ours and I will be checking in all the time! The kids are precious...of course! I am so sad you guys aren't coming this weekend! I was soooooo looking forward to meeting miss Addi Grace and hanging out with our friends. We are hoping to make a trip up there this fall! I miss you tons and can't wait to see you!


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