Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Update - We are almost finished!!!!

So these Pics are kind of out of order, but you should be able to get it! This pic above is the built in cabinets we had made for our kids room. Max likes to call it the media room, but I hate calling it that! I feel like a snob! We still have to paint it, but I LOVE the design. We basically took pics of cabinets in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and others I found online and had them custom make it! The pic below is what the new bathroom tile looks like. I love it - Just a good brown color - Can't wait for the vanity to get installed! Max did an amazing job painting it.
This is the guest bedroom - Sheetrock and everything! Of course, since this pic was taken, they finished the drywall - Note to anyone remodeling in your home. Sheetrock dust goes EVERYWHERE!!!! I've mopped about 4 times this week and it still keeps getting on the floor!

This is a pic of the bathroom. Right to the left of the window is where the double sink vanity will go. We are waiting to finish the tile before we move it in there....

Another pic of the bathroom - This time where the shower/tub is going....Max is going to tile around the tub too....He's such a multi-talented man!

This is the pic of Addi Grace's room - I love love love the window - Can't wait to get window treatments made for the space! And I picked out her fabrics this week. Hopefully, I can get to work on her bedding, etc soon!

Another shot of Addi Grace's room - You can see the closet door on the left side - It's huge! She can thank us later!

Me and my little man! I love him so much!

Addi Grace: " What did you just put in my mouth??????"

Addi Grace: "Chocolate Pudding?? Yuck! I want my bottle !!!!!"

Maddux had a blast over in our neighbors yard this week - He loves their tire swing!!

He kept trying to get me to hop on the swing too......Try explaining why you can't to a 2 year old - He wasn't buying it......


  1. Yay!! I am so excited for you guys! Now, I just need to plan a trip to visit. ;)

  2. The spaces look amazing! How exciting!


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