Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SEC Baseball Tournament, Fun Memorial Day Weekend!

So, I ventured off to good ole Birmingham, AL with Addi Grace. A newly friend of mine who I have completely fell in love with, Tressa, came along with me to help babysit while I had to work at the tournament. She dates one of our team managers, so she was very willing to go! She is such a spaz and I LOVE HER! Oh, to be 20 again. That girl has so much energy.......Just wait till she has kids of her own! hehehe.... It was a long, hot week, but my sweet baby girl managed to really turn 1 while we were on our way back home. I still can't believe it. Everyone says it goes by so fast....It really does. I had an unbelievably great time with just Addi Grace. It's weird to say this, but it's like I really got to know her. I mean, when you are a Full Time Working Mother with 2 kids, there is not much one on one time with each. Really, to be honest, the last time it was just me and her for more than a day, she was 2 weeks old and we were in Omaha for the College World Series. But, I was ready to get back to my boys though. It was so funny because Max immediately gravitated to Addi Grace and I to Maddux. It stayed that way for almost a day. I was only away from Maddux for 5 days, and I swear his vocabulary grew way to much. The things he says....He cracks me up! As soon as we got out of the car, he said, "Happy Birthday Addi Grace!!!" - He ran to me, bear hugged me, then proceeded to ask, "Where are my presents?" - Then as we were getting Addi Grace out of her car seat, he politely reached over to touch her arm and said, "Well Hi Sweetheart!" -- Oh, I just love my kids.....

Then lets proceed to the following day at Target. Of course, Maddux went with me. He was all excited. He was getting a life jacket for the pool...... And no more than 2 minutes after we walk in, my stomach starts rumbling.....Oh geez. Not now. I can hold it till we get back home. My stomach strongly disagreed with me. For all of you Moms out there who are reading this, I truly sympathize with you. It's very embarrassing when your 2 year old is asking you in the bathroom stall at the top of his lungs, "Are you ok Mommy?" - Then he wouldn't quit opening the stall door. He thought it was funny.......Luckily, not too many people were in there, so I was confident no one would remember us in the store.......Well, that was until Maddux spotted the Buzz Lightyear Life Jacket. And, he HAD to wear it right then. Tags, and all. Let's just say there were lots of people chuckling because he was running up and down the isles saying "To Infinity and Beyond!!!" -- I just know my parents are laughing hysterically right now......

So on to the rest of the weekend! We found out on Sunday that the Razorbacks will be hosting a NCAA Regional this coming weekend. I've been super busy working this weekend, but on Monday, we took some time out and went over to some friends house.....The Tennant's - They have a pool and the kids had a blast!!

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