Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Baths For Tabitha.....

This was one of my FAVORITE books growing up..... Last night I was explaining to Maddux why it's important to take a bath. This book suddenly popped into my mind! Oh, the memories of the green stuff growing all over Tabitha because she simply wouldn't take a bath! "No Baths for Tabitha!" I would say to Maddux - He listened to me try to recall what the book was about. "Momma! Let's read that book!" - I've searched and searched on the internet, and is the only place I can find it - And they are selling this Children's Classic for a whopping $72.00 ! Can you freakin believe it???? Ugh! I guess that's the price you pay when a book hasn't been printed since 1982................... If anyone ever comes across this book, please think of me!!!!

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