Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've Been "Styled" !!!!

OK, First of All, I LOVE STACEY LONDON!!!! I think she's so pretty,  so HILARIOUS, and wears the most fabulous stuff! - And her show "What Not To Wear" has the best advice about what is flattering, in style, etc. However, I haven't been on the show, and I don't forsee that I will ever be on the show because you have to have a really really bad and weird wardrobe to be considered.... I don't think I'm there......yet!

Anyway, so I was reading a local magazine that had profiled Jennifer Gartman. She launched her own business called Satori Style - This is a list straight from her website that lists her services!!!


A Closet Cleanse is just that- I cleanse your closet. I come to your house and go through your closet recommending what items to keep, what to toss and what items I feel you should purchase for your wardrobe. Various outfits will be put together based on the goals you have for your wardrobe. I will also sometimes recommend having clothes in your closet altered to "revamp" the items and will go with you for the alterations.


Whether it be a wedding, charity gala, interview or even a dinner date with your significant other, I will dress you to look your best. I take the load off you by finding something for you to wear while keeping within your budget (or in most cases even lower than your budget). I attend and oversee all alteration sessions as well at no additional cost.


Whether you despise shopping or simply just don't have the time, I will be your personal shopper for your everyday wardrobe. Sticking to the budget you provide, I will make you look your best for your job and/or casual wear. Don't have time to shop for your children either? Let me help take the load off you by shopping for them as well.


Whether you are having a family portrait, portraits for your children or even engagement and wedding pictures, we will style you for it choosing the best colors for you and the camera.


Weddings are so much fun to plan, but sometimes it takes stress off when you have someone there to assist you. We dress everyone from the bride to the mother in law. Having trouble finding a dress that will look great on ALL of your bridesmaids? Call us. We style engagement photos too!


Have a hard time figuring out what to do with your unwanted clothes? Let me help you. Satori Style offers Consignment Services for all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. We take your unwanted clothes and deliver them to consignment stores for you. We create the accounts and deliver your checks for you each month. Such an easy way to make money without all the hassle.


Get all your girls together for a night of wine, food and style consultations! I will go over the latest trends and how to wear them. I will also sit down for a few minutes individually with each of your guests for a personal style overview. I'll suggest to them certain looks that would benefit them as well as key pieces that would look great on them.


 SHE IS WONDERFUL! I can't wait to show you pics of the outfits she has created for me!

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