Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camping Trip

So off we went to the woods for a camping trip. Camping is really not my cup of tea. Especially when it's raining. But in spite of that, I think the majority of everyone had a good time. I left a day early to get back to my sweet Addi Grace. My Mom was keeping her and she came down with Laryngitis.

So here are my boys going wild on the 4 wheelers - Maddux is such a Dare Devil. He kept telling Max, "Faster Daddy, Faster"

This is the perfect pic of Maddux telling us how he was going to sleep in the tent that night. He's so hilarious - Like we didn't know we were camping out or something!

Max showing Maddux how to make a smore. All Maddux wanted to do was push a stick in the fire. Let's just say this Smore ended up on the ground all because of a "Terrible 2" fit that was thrown..... Geez.....

Maddux pretending he was driving the 4 wheeler. Don't you just love his "Big Cheese" Shirt??

This was the last day I saw my darling husband with a beard. He shaved it off when he got home. I'm also realizing it's time to get my hair colored again.....Yikes.

Our good friends, the Graham's - Kevin, Christine and Catie!

Our Amazing Huge Tent. I had no idea they made them this big!

The "Big Cheese"

Maddux helping Daddy set up the tent...

Maddux and Catie playing. They were so funny together! This pic cracks me up!


  1. That first pic is awesome! Too funny.

  2. I am with you..camping is not my cup of tea. But, it looks like a fun trip! I love the pics of Max and Maddux on the 4 wheelers and the one of Maddux telling you about the tents! SO CUTE!


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