Thursday, April 22, 2010

The transformation of my New Little Girl Room!!

Hey Guys! I've been on my Mom to get pics of my new room posted!! Here we go!!
Me and my Momma found these cute shoes at Target, and felt like this was the perfect "inspiration" for my new room. Now, I'm not out of my crib yet, but we decided to go ahead and get my big girl bed all made up real cute and all!

Of course, you can't go wrong with your name spelled out. Daddy actually painted these for me. Polka Dots and all!!! Didn't he do a great job?? He surprised me and Momma ;)

Now, these are some 6 inch wooden circles that we covered in fabric with foam cushioning behind. We gathered up some blue silk and hot glued it along with the fringe to make it appear like a flower button. We need to adjust the silk a little more. Looks crooked ;)

These are my window treatments. My Momma came down with a HORRIBLE SINUS INFECTION and has not been able to stay up till 2am (like she's been doing for the past week) trying to get this stuff finished. That's probably why she is so sick now :) So, for the record, the pink pola dot fabric is going to be a ballon valance. Just hasn't been done yet :)

OK, so this is my new upholstered headboard. Daddy made this for me. He's got a great idea on how to mount it to the wall. Maybe someday my Momma can make a tutorial and post it online. The fabric is a rough silk with tiny polka dots. The green silk pillowcases were already made at the fabric store and were in a clearance bin. We snatched these babied up for sure! My Great-Great Aunt Evelyn quilted the top of the bedspread. It turned out FABULOUS! My momma is currently sewing green silk similar to the pillowcases around the edges of the quilted top of the bedspread. You can see below!

Isn't my Momma just great??? Well, she's defintely learned alot about sewing these past 2 weeks!

This is just a pic of one of my lamps. We found some coordinating trim at Hob Lob and decided to Hot Glue it to the edges..... Hot Glue Guns Rock!!!

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