Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Farm Friends with Maddux and Mommy!

The Fayetteville Local 4-H Clubs have an annual event called "Farm Friends" at the Equine Center on the University Campus. We've never taken Maddux before, but I thought this was the perfect time to start! He loves animals so much! Max and Addi Grace stayed at home and played.... I wish we would have taken her too though. I think she would have liked it :) Maddux insisted on wearing his Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid over his "Boo Boo" - That happened earlier in the day at school. He tripped over a slide. Poor little guy! His first real "shiner" - Also, please make note that he has eczema on his face. A lot of pictures will look like his face is dirty, but it's just that darn eczema. Anybody have any suggestions for treatment???? I've never dealt with this before! Ugh!
Maddux was having a conversation with the sheep. It baaed at him and he thought it was so funny!
Petting the Goats. All of these animals were so friendly!

OK - This was HILARIOUS! This was a plastic cow, and he is infatuated with cows right now. Every time we talk about going to my Dad's farm, he says he wants to ride a cow.... Well, he got to milk one instead!

These little Bunnies were so cute! I've actually always been scared of rabbits. I think it's because of those creepy rabbit foot key chains that were popular way back when I was little. And no, I didn't have one.....

Here is Sweet Maddux wanting to take the rabbit on a "walk" -- The Rabbit wouldn't budge...

Another Goat!

Another Rabbit!

The baby chickens! He held one in his hands, but screamed like a little girl when it moved.... I think I screamed too. Oooops.

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