Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Branson Christmas Adventure!!

My Mom (aka Mimi) and I took Maddux to Branson Friday - We spent the night down at the Branson Landing - Maddux was so excited. He kept saying Bransent! So cute.... Here are some pics from our adventure! Thanks Mimi for going with us! We had so much fun!

We stopped and ate Ice Cream before we checked into the hotel.
Mrs. Claus was downstairs at the hotel reading books to the kids - Maddux took the book from Mrs. Claus and gave it to Mimi to read. So funny! We rode the trolley that goes around the shopping center - Maddux called it the "train" - He would say, "all aboard!" - Everyone would laugh. Where do these kids learn this stuff from??? ha! We took him to the Disney Store. He was in HEAVEN! He is in love with Buzz Lightyear right now, so naturally this is what he played with first:

But he really did love the whole store. He walked around and talked about all of the characters. What I was most impressed about was that he didn't scream and cry when we left the store! He just said, Bye Bye Buzz!!!

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  1. Braden has the Gymboree sweater jacket that matches Maddux's hat! Do we think alike or what?


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