Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh What A Night......

I saw a news story yesterday morning about the latest sleep gadget on the market: The Zeo Coach - It's pretty cool - It records your sleep patterns and lets you know how much " sleep" you're really getting every night. REM, light, deep or awake time. I would love to know how much quality sleeping time I get, because it seems after kids, I don't sleep that well! I used to sleep like a baby - Which brings me to ask, Why do people even say that? I mean, do babies really ever sleep that good? Not mine! It's a rare night in our household if one doesn't wake up or make some kind of noise in the middle of the night..........
Which leads me to the story of last night. Maddux, has decided to let us know he needs us in the middle of the night, by banging (yes banging) his head on the wall - (A simple yelling of Mommmmmmaaaaaaa or Daaaaaaaddyyyyy doesn't work in his book) -- So, at 5am, that's what we heard and can confirm this via the video monitor we have in his room. Soooooo, I headed down to his room - I entered the room and he said. "Hi Momma" in his sweet 2 year old, soft voice. "I Wet" - I was shocked that he had just told me this - Not shocked that it happened, just shocked that he told me. I quickly changed his pullup, took off his soaked pajama pants and proceeded to climb into bed with him - Then he proceeded to tell me that he needed sweatpants. Sweatpants! Ha! He knows what those are!!!! I laughed, cause lateley he just makes me laugh at all the new things he tells me.
So we snuggled up and went back to sleep - Well, he did anyways . I think that Zeo gadget would have told me good luck !!

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  1. OH girl....I am right there with you. We have the world's worst sleeper! Very few nights go by that I do not get up at some point. It makes me so mad when people talk about their babies going to bed and not hearing a peep out of them for 12 hours! They need to "shut their pie hole" as Max Moore would say! I used to be the best heavy sleeper....until Cilla entered my life! Of course, life is much sweeter, but I am much more tired too!


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