Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trains and Dance Moves.........

Cousin Jake (aka Maddux's BFF) gave Maddux a very cool Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set yesterday - I think it is safe to say that my child LOVES TRAINS!!! Thanks Jake!! As soon as we put it together last night, he has been hooked. Tonight, he and I just laid in the floor and watched the train go around and around....It was cute. I loved watching him be happy :)
Addi Grace just chilled with Daddy on the couch in front of the fire!
Before bedtime, I put in this new dance workout dvd from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I LOVE their show on CMT - Max calls me a dork, but I LOVE IT! Anyway, Maddux loves to dance, so he tried it out! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! I am going to try and film him tomorrow and put it up on the blog (I have no idea what I am doing, so be prepared for it to take a few days! hahaha)

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  1. Sounds like tons of fun! The boys love trains, too...guess it's just a boy thing. Can't wait to see Maddux cuttin' a rug. Oh, and I luv the cheerleaders on CMT, too...perhaps it's genetic?


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