Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I made the HUGE mistake of asking Maddux last night if he wanted his milk in a "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" Sippy Cup - As soon as I said it, Max looked at me, shaking his head in shame - Then it hit me - We don't have a "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy Cup. So, I figured I would just pour his milk in the "Lightning McQueen" Sippy and he would never know...........Um, Yeah....He knew. And he let everyone know about it by throwing the biggest hissy fit I've seen in a while.......So, I promised him that I would get him a "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy cup today. I have found regular cups with "Buzz", but not Sippy Cups - So, I thought today I would just print out a Buzz Image from Google Images and Tape it on with clear packaging tape. How awesome is that!! We've got all of these plain sippy cups at home, so this is going to be the perfect thing! He's going to be so excited!!!
I'm so excited that I might just make myself a "Buzz Lightyear" Wine Glass tonight! ha!


  1. You Martha Stewart. I saw Buzz and Woody sippy cups today at Target. What are the chances?

  2. YYYEEEAAAHHH, while you're at it, make me a Buzz martini glass, will ya'? :0)


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