Saturday, February 20, 2010

College Baseball is here!!!

So, the College Baseball Season has officially started! Which means, I will pretty much will be living at work for the next 5 months! Maddux came to work with me late Thursday - We took a "break" and headed outside on the field for some fun. Maddux wanted to play "Do You Know?"
Did you know this is how you catch a fly ball? (Yes, he's left handed, and no, I didn't tell him what to do - If you know his daddy, you know that Maddux has good Athletic Genes!)
Did you know this is how you catch a ground ball?

Did you know that we finished 3rd place in the College World Series last year??

Do You know this is the greatest College Baseball Stadium in the Country? Baum Stadium, University of Arkansas!.

Go Hogs!!!!! This is Maddux's 3rd baseball season and the 1st where he's actually been interested in the game. Even if it's just for 5 minutes! We love it! Woo Pig Sooiee!!!

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  1. Garrett is also left handed! Your mom is, too, right? I'd love nothing more than to make Garrett a southpaw million-maker for the stl cardinals...but he could start out as a Hog...


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