Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Finished Sippy Cup and House Renovation Update!

So our House Renovation has come a long way in the past 2 week. You can see the addition below. The left side (brown part) was the detached garage on our property - The right side (Tan part) is our existing house. The plywood part in the middle is the connecting piece - They finished the roof so quick! I was really expecting to still be waiting for that part. Also below is some pictures of the inside - They are currently running the electrical wires and finishing up plumbing stuff - If all goes well, they will put up sheet rock next week! Our built in should be here then as well. Can't wait!! We just got updated from our builder on all of the costs - Yikes - We've already gone over. Not too much though. We added some things in the past week like more light (can lighting) and moved a window, etc. So now our budget isn't allowing us to have someone paint our built in, so Max and I will have to do that. No problem though. Max is an amazing painter. Can't wait to show pics of the bathroom vanity he painted! A gorgeous sage green color with a brown glaze/paint mixture. It looks fabulous!!!!

Please try to picture this all one color! And, they still have one more window to put in the connecting piece - Can't wait to get it all landscaped outside too!

This is Addi Grace's Room - Love the vaulted ceilings. She's got a HUGE closet too. She can thank us for that later :)

This pic is from the Guest Bedroom view - The bathroom is on the left - You can see the bathtub - This is going to be a Jack and Jill bathroom.
Wait, I just told Addi Grace that she had a HUGE closet - This was her reaction!!!
So Maddux and I ended up making the "Buzz Lightyear" Sippy cup - Think he liked it??? Just so happens that these little Sippy Cups turned out to be awesome!!!! What a great idea for Birthday Party Favors huh?????


  1. you are my hero!! that cup is genius!!

  2. That is so funny that you posted this, because I just today bought sippy cups to decorate for favors for Cilla's birthday party favors this weekend! Wish ya'll were closer to celebrate with her! Great minds think alike!!!! The house is looking good! Can't wait to see more!


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