Monday, February 1, 2010

Renovation Update and SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!

We had a wonderful, snow filled weekend here in Fayetteville - It hasn't snowed like this in a long time. Everyone in the neighborhood got together and went sledding on our street - Max and Maddux had so much fun. They built a snowman, had a snowball fight and built a snow fort with cousin Jake and Uncle Whitley. Addi Grace and I mostly stayed indoors because it was just too cold! We did however, have our own little "fort" built with blankets on the couch in front of the warm fireplace!!

The weather has caused some delays in our renovation - They were "supposed" to pour the concrete slab last Thursday, but the freezing rain put a halt to that. Then it snowed Friday. Hopefully they will be able to get to it today! We only need 3 days of dry weather to get this done! They did however get the plumbing installed last week.And yes, those are garage doors in this picture. They will be taken out as soon as they get the concrete poured! If all goes well (weather) they should have everything framed up by next week. As for my last post regarding the concrete floors, bathroom vanity, etc.......Well, it's changed. We decided to not do the stained concrete floors because of the potential cracking. We live on a mountain and EVERY home on this mountain has foundation issues. So, our builder thought it was a wiser decision to go ahead and use tile above the concrete in the bathroom just in case anything ever moved. And the vanity. We really just changed our mind on buying a finished vanity and decided to go with an unfinished wood vanity. We are going to paint it black, which was the color of the other one we had found. However, it allows us to paint it a different color down the road if we wanted to, and it was about $400 cheaper :) Also, it's real wood and not the composite wood.

I also came across a really cool website. It's way super cool (as Maddux would say) - They basically offer online design advice. You can upload pictures and they will help you out! What a great service if you ever get "stuck" on a designing project!

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