Monday, January 25, 2010

Maddux The Performer

Cousin Jake came over for the afternoon yesterday - Maddux had so much fun with him. Jake was interested in this cartoon called Calliou, that Maddux watches ALL THE TIME - Seriously, I think we watched it about 100 times over the weekend. Calliou, which come on PBS Sprout is very educational. It's mainly about the world of a 4 year old boy. He goes to pre-school, and a lot of the times the shows are about him learning. The other stories in the show involve his mom, dad, little sister, and grandparents. I've always wondered what "Calliou" meant, so I looked it up on wikipedia - This is what it said:

"In French, Calliou usually refers to "pebble" or "stone", but it can also mean "bald head" -This explains it for me!

Maddux knows most of the words to the beginning of the show and he likes to "perform" it for us. This time I finally got him on tape....He gets mad if you don't watch him the entire song or if you try and sing along! He's such a ham!!!! For some reason, this kind of reminds me of my brother Brad.......And yes, that's my Christmas Tree Box in the background. And yes, I'm embarrassed that it's not put away in the attic. But, I do have a good excuse - The contractor has to get in the attic in a few weeks, so we are waiting for them to finish first!!

Ok, so the music is playing in the background, but it's hard to hear. These are the words:
You're getting to be a big boy!
I'm just a kids whose 4, each day I grow some more, I like exploring, I'm Caillou. So many things to do, each day is something new, I'll share them with you I'm Calliou. My world is turning, changing each day, with Mommy and Daddy, I'm finding my way! Growing up is not so tough, except when I've had enough, but there's lot's of fun stuff, I'm Calliou. Calliou, Calliou, I'm Calliou, That's me!

If you notice at the end, he says "Jake's Turn!" So Cute! Thanks for playing with us Jake!

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  1.!! :) So cute!!! :) I want a child like Maddux some day:)


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