Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Separation Anxiety

I remember the day it started with Maddux - He was about 9 months old - We were fortunate to have a nanny watch Maddux in our home during his first year of life - It was great. I didn't' have to pack a bag every night, or even dress him in the mornings. He would just play with the Nanny and he would wave bye-bye as I walked out the door every morning to work. Then one day, he started to have this look of confusion, followed by a cry - He didn't want me to leave - Not because he wasn't well cared for, but because it's what most kids go through at this age-Separation Anxiety - I hated it - I wanted so badly to not leave. So, I would come back in and comfort him, and try to leave again. It didn't help. So I followed the advice of many mothers. I just had to leave and stay gone. He'd be over it soon. I called to check on him not more than 5 minutes later, and sure enough, he was fine. Maddux still struggles with separation anxiety at times. If he's unfamiliar with a place, new people, etc. -

Addi Grace will be turning 8 months old in 2 days. Guess what - The separation anxiety started this morning. Yikes. She's been such a pleasant, happy go lucky baby ever since we got her Acid Reflux under control. She likes to be held alot, and I don't mind it at all. But she has NEVER cried when I left her at the sitter's house - She smiles and gets excited every time we walk in to her house (with 2 kids,our budget didn't allow for an in-home sitter this time around ;) - I was shocked and taken back to what was about to happen. She looked at me with the most pitiful, sad face and the cry then followed. I know I should have left immediately, but of course, being a mom, I went back and kissed her forehead. I knew it wasn't going to make it go away for good, but it still made me feel better :)


  1. Garrett is four and sometimes still clings in the mornings...or even at church, which is definitely his second home! :0) Braden had a relapse when he started kindergarten, but it's much better.

  2. Bless her heart! I HATE when are babies are sad when we leave them. Hang in there momma!


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