Friday, January 15, 2010

Potty Problems, Pudding Messes and Shopping!

Addi Grace has been going through a little separation anxiety lately. One night, on my way down to my Dad's house, she started crying like she used to when she had acid reflux problems. It's a horrific sound, so I pulled over to see what was wrong. NOTHING! She just wanted to see me! She's still in the rear facing car seat - Not too long till she's in a big girl seat, so I decided to go ahead and let her ride that way. We were only about 3 miles away. Well, she loved it! I even turned on a DVD for her! She looks like Maddux to me in this photo.....
As for this little stinker..... Does anyone know how to get him to quit saying he went "poopie" when he really just "peed" ?????? I'm out of ideas....
We finally got the Christmas Boxes in the attic - Yikes - It's the middle of January. Maddux was such a big helper. He was so excited that he got to climb the ladder to the attic - Speaking of climbing, we had to take down his ladder to his bunk bed! Little Stinker!

The kids are growing like weeds, so I had to hit up the Gap Kids Store. (Thanks Aunt Mandy!) They have the CUTEST things there right now. I got Maddux a couple of pair of new jeans and even got Addi Grace some cute Skinny Jeans and this outfit! Adorable!

Obviously Maddux is feeling much better - Thank Goodness for Leather Furniture :)

No Pudding Just Yet for Addi Grace......She Loves Her Nutramigen too much!
Well, demo on our addition began today! Can't wait to post pics.....

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