Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back!

These past two weeks were definitely ones to remember...... Not only did we have A WHITE CHRISTMAS, our computer hard drive went out AGAIN. Soooo, I haven't been able to blog like I had hoped.
With that said, let's go back to before Christmas.
I work for the University of Arkansa Baseball Team. For the past 2 years, we have all donated money to adopt local school age children for Christmas. This year, we adopted 4 kids - We bought them toys and clothing - We even got one little boy a used PS2!! They got to open half of their gifts in front of the team and then the other half went home with them for Christmas Day - These kids would not have had any presents for Christmas. Nothing! And not only did they ask for toys, etc. , they asked for clothing. That tells you something right there. I am so thankful that my parents were able to provide for me and I that I am able to provide for my 2 kids. It was definitely an eye opener and it was a great experience for our team.
We had our "office" Christmas party at Coach Van Horn's house. It was so much fun! The kids were good, so that makes it fun in itself ;) - Maddux played with all of the girls and they even put a performance on for us! This is what Maddux looked like when they began the performance: I have no idea where he learned to twirl a skirt, but he knows how. Let's just say I got a lot of crap from the coaches on this one!
Here is Maddux with Kendyll, Caitlyn and Mariel. They were so cute! Maddux enjoyed dancing and singing. He knew all of the songs they were singing! This was such a great pic of them all! I can't believe we got Maddux to "pose" for a pic!
Next Up was making a Gingerbread House - Maddux and I had so much fun!!! Cousin Jake came over and he taught Maddux how to lick the icing bowl. It was so cute! This was our creation:
We had such a great Christmas. I had 2 weeks off with the kids and it was so memorable. Maddux really enjoyed opening presents. We even put out cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots and celery for the Reindeer. You should have seen Maddux's face the next morning when he woke up and saw that it had been eaten!
Here is a sweet little pic of Addi Grace this morning before we left for "school" -- It was sooo cold this morning!!

I promise to blog more often! Our house addition is starting next week, so I will be adding that to my blog posts!!!!

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  1. Love the pics and Addi Grace is just too stinkin' cute! Geral told me tonight that you guys talked for a while today. Told him about your Memaw and Papaw...we'll be praying. I am so excited for your new addition to begin! Can't wait to see its progress!


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