Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Car Seat Blanket - I Made It !!

I bought a pattern online for this adorable car seat blanket - I do sew a little bit - I've made pillow cases, drapes, curtains, table runners.....But I've really never done anything with a "pattern" - It promised that is was a "beginner project" - They were so right! Woo Hoo! I had so much fun making it - And, I actually finished a sewing project! Yay!

Here is my little Addi Grace modeling her new car seat blanket - It just lays flat in the car seat and you put the straps through the holes and it folds over her to keep her warm - I always dreaded taking Maddux out when he was a baby in the cold - It is ridiculously hard getting their car seat buckled together when they have 3 layers of clothing on -- This will be just perfect for her!
This week, Maddux, Addi Grace and I met my good friend Sarah and her 2 girls out for dinner - Sarah is my best friend from High School and College - We were in each others weddings and are really just the best of pals - Even if we don't see each other or talk all the time! We had such a good time catching up and her girls are TO DIE FOR cute. Grace is 5 years old - She was 2 months old in my wedding!!! And Molly Claire is 16 months old. I was so relieved that my kids were so good for me. This was the first time I had ever taken them both to a restaurant by myself. We did good!! Here is a pic of Sarah and her girls and one of Maddux and Grace!!!


  1. Kelly, you are amazing! The blanket is awesome! I need to get one for Cilla.

  2. The blanket is perfect for AG! Love the pics of Sarah and her girls. Love, Mimi.

  3. Cute blanket!! I envy people who are able to just whip something up!!

  4. beautiful blanket!! if you ever decide to make them for others, i'll be your 1st customer!!

  5. KJ,
    The baby girl looks just like MK's Hadley!!!!! OMG!!


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