Friday, November 20, 2009

Super Mom (So I thought)

Max was outside meeting with some contractors (we are attempting to add on to our house) and I was inside with the kids - I was trying to play "Super Mom" - I was attempting to cook dinner, make about 120 no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for our Department work party the next day, feed Addi Grace, clean the kitchen and tend to Maddux - all in about 1.5 hours until it was bath time for the kids. I really had myself going for a while. And I was doing a pretty good job at it :) Until....... my spinach risotto (from Target - you have to try it - so yummy!) started to boil over - Then, my chocolate was ready to be mixed with the oatmeal, and if you've ever tried to make these cookies, you know you can't wait too long to do this step ;) - So I get the risotto calmed down, pour my chocolate in the oatmeal, start spooning the cookies on wax paper and I hear this little 2 year old voice say, "Mommmmmmmaaaaaaa" - "I'm Stuck" - I had no idea what he was talking about. I mean, he was just in the next room watching Dora the Explorer.....Well, this is what he was stuck in:
Maddux is really into Toy Story - Especially Buzz Lightyear - It's so cute when he says it. It sounds like "Buzz Butt Year" - So Cute! Here are the kids watching Toy Story. Even Addi Grace liked it!!!

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  1. I know just how you feel! There are many days like this around the Harris house! Lord help you, I don't have two kids! I can't even get Cilla to watch 30 seconds of tv. Some parents absolutely insist that their kids not watch tv. I, on the other hand would love her to watch tv. Just for 30 min...I could get something accomplished!!!


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