Monday, November 2, 2009

Funny Man

Maddux has been quite the Funny Man lately. He is always trying to make us laugh-- Here he is wearing my sunglasses at the tailgate party on Saturday at the Tennant's house:
Yesterday I took the kids down to visit all of my grandparents - Memaw, Papaw Dow and my Nanny - We had such a good time seeing them all. Before we left, Maddux decided he wanted to add a few "accessories" to his outfit - This is what he came in wearing : A red necklace out of my jewelry armoire and Max's Cubs hat - He even turned it around backwards!! Hilarious!!
Addi Grace and my Dad - She was having so much fun watching Maddux boss around Uncle Brad (my brother)

Here is Maddux playing in my grandparents driveway - Who knew rocks could be so entertaining?????

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