Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Party with Maddux!

It was Maddux's first "official" party that parents were able to attend. He and his classmates (with a little help from teachers!) made the parents a Thanksgiving meal. It was just so perfect! Here are some pics from the event of the day! He was soooo proud that we were there --

Maddux showing us his artwork on the wall - He really knew which one was his!! Impressive...
Maddux at the table - Each child made their own place mats with their names on it - His hand print was the turkey's feathers :)
It was very difficult to get Maddux to look at the camera in this pic - It's the best we could do :) sorry daddy
Maddux eating his carrot cake - It does have real carrots in it right?
Addi Grace didn't get to have a Thanksgiving party - But she did enjoy her green beans and sweet potatoes today! She also likes her new winter hat.....

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