Saturday, November 7, 2009

My First Razorback Football Game!!!!!

Maddux had the BEST DAY EVER!!!! He was such a good boy (for the most part) at the Razorback Football Game today vs. South Carolina - And we won!!! I really wanted to take him today because our baseball team was recognized at half time for making the College World Series - I went down on the field at half time because I wanted to see the guys that had graduated or was drafted - It was soooo good to see all of the old guys - Anyway, I also kind of felt like Maddux might do ok, so we took him!

Headed to the Game! Had to take the juice box of course!

Max and Maddux at pre game - Maddux loved the band, the cheerleaders, everything BUT the F-16's that flew over after the National Anthem :) Maddux giving the team "five" - I wasn't even really paying attention and I just turned around and he was over there doing this as the team went out on the field!He had no idea that the Pom Squad Girls were drooling over him - There were these 2 guys standing next to us on the sidelines - I think they were kind of jealous that Maddux was getting so much attention!
My Favorite picture -- I think I might have this one framed for Max's office!!

All in all this was one of my most favorite times with Maddux - It was really neat calling the hogs with him (he did it!) -- Everyone thought he was so cute and a lot of our friends noticed that we were on the field - We even caught the attention of the Independence Bowl Representatives! We met them way after the game was over and they were like, "isn't that the little boy who was on the field at halftime??" - I was like "yes - you saw us???" They said," Yes! We didn't watch anything but him! He was so cute!!"

Well, here's to you my beautiful, cute, hog callin boy - I love you - Can't wait to take you to another Razorback Football Game!

Momma and Daddy


  1. Very Sweet! I love the photo you want for Max's office! It's amazing! I've trained the boys to sing Boomer much fun! Hey, reminds me...remember when you fed my baby a salted Oreo? Don't know why I just thought of that. Don't worry. NO paybacks for innocent children. :0)

  2. hi kelly!!

    i finally pulled up your blog. you've done such a great job with this!! i started at the beginning and went through the whole thing....thank you for helping to get through my monday at work. :) shhhh...

    i love it and can't wait for more!

    shannon (bullock)

  3. these are, hands down, the cutest pics! so so fun! it makes me miss fayetteville so much. oh how i would love for cilla to grow up there! we are working on calling the hogs. we get a hand in the air every once in a while!!!


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