Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to Reality and Loving It!

So, Max and I went to Branson over the weekend with our friends - (Thanks Mimi for keeping the kids!) We arrived home this morning to two "happy to see us" kids!! We had a great day sweeping the leaves off the deck, folding laundry, grocery shopping and more! And, I even got to finish that old school desk project! Enjoy the pics!!!

Addi Grace sporting her new outfit we got her in Branson.....Pink shoes and all! As soon as I snapped this picture, she somehow got the shoes off.

Yes, that is spit up coming out of her mouth....Sorry! She was just so happy watching Maddux outside :)
My re-finished old school desk - Maddux picked the paint color (blue) and I painted the top in Chalkboard paint!! How cool is that!!! It has to cure overnight, so I will get pics of Maddux using it tomorrow - He LOVES sidewalk chalk, so I figured he would love this.....
Maddux had a blast sweeping the leaves....I love this age!! Something tells me he won't want to be doing much of this when he becomes a teenager ;)

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  1. I did a desk in a hammered tin color for the boys a few years ago. It has the chalkboard top, too! We think just alike! Their desk has a separate chair, like the ones we had in elementary. They love to color and play "computer" in their room with it. Great job and I adore the blue paint. It's actually pretty close to the color of the boys' bathroom!


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