Friday, October 2, 2009

Things are not always as they appear.....

Maddux has been fascinated with the Ice Cream Truck that has been coming through the neighborhood this summer. We even let him pick out his own ice cream (naturally he picked the messiest one and with the colors that stain his clothes) - He is always pointing out ice cream cones and objects that look like the Ice Cream Truck. Well, today he came up to Max with one of his Alphabet Flash Cards. In particular, the "I" flash card. He kept saying "Ice Cream Truck! Ice Cream Truck!" This is what Max saw:

Max said, "No son, that's an Iron - Say Iron" Maddux said Iron and then proceeded to say"Ice Cream Truck, Ice Cream Truck!" Max was puzzled and couldn't figure out why he thought this was an ice cream truck. Maddux then got preoccupied with the TV, and threw the card on the ground. This is what Max saw:

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