Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Fun In The Kitchen

This weekend was soooo fun. My Mom (aka Mimi) came in to town and spent the weekend with us. Here is a pic of her and Addi Grace and another with her and Maddux..... We also went to the Pumpkin Patch, AGAIN, to get a big pumpkin to carve. I think Maddux would live at the Pumpkin Patch if we let him. We only stayed a little bit because it was so cold. Maddux was not a happy camper when left. Lets just say it was a fun drive home.

Maddux and I had a little fun in the kitchen this evening. We baked cookies!! He is becoming quite the "Mommy's helper" around the house. He loves to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. He can put the dawn dish washing pack in the dishwasher and push start. (he finally quit wanting to crawl in the dishwasher! yay!) He LOVES to help feed Addi Grace. He is very good at picking up his toys if we swing the "clean up" song. He takes things to the trash can for us. And, he even is getting very good at saying please, thank you and you're welcome. To my future daughter in law. YOU ARE WELCOME! HA!!! Anyway, I haven't really done any baking with him until today...... Here are some pics from this experience! It was awesome!


  1. Now Kelly, are break-and-bakes really considered baking?!?! It is still up for debate. I guess it would classify as baking made simple! I love that Maddux is such a helper. HOW CUTE! I miss you guys so much. I wish we lived across town so we could come over and hang out with our friends and so our girls could be little friends!!! I love the pic of you and Maddux at the pumpkin patch. Precious!

  2. Your friend isn't the only one who wishes you lived just across town...that would be amazing. Never gonna' happen, but amazing none the less. Braden is home sick today, so I'm catching up on all of your blog activity. You are doing a much better job blogging than I am.


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