Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maddux's Fall Festival

We went to our first "Kids School Function" today! Maddux's school (St. John's Lutheran) had a fall festival this afternoon and it was so much fun! It was mainly the church family in attendance, but there were a couple of Maddux's classmates there. They had tons of food (and most importantly cheetos for Maddux - That's what he is eating in the pictures!) - There were lots of games and a pumpkin painting table - We had so much fun as a family and it was nice getting to meet some new people. And the weather was very nice - a little windy, but as long as it's not raining, it's a good thing!

Here is Maddux eating his cheetos - He was making this silly face too......

Maddux Playing Football - Making his Daddy Proud!
Miss Carmen (her husband is the pastor and she is a teacher at Maddux's school - She is so sweet with Maddux and she just loves Addi Grace!)
Painting our Pumpkin - I can promise you by the time he was done, there was about 3 coats of paint on this pumpkin - I should let Maddux paint more often at home - He sat at this table and was so good and quiet for about 20 minutes until we had to leave - he was so serious about painting that he would not let me touch anything around him - In fact, he started saying, "No Mama - Stop" whenever I would try and help.

Sweet Addi Grace and Max - She really enjoyed being outside and listening to the music. Overall she was pretty good!

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  1. What fun pics! Addi Grace must be feeling MUCH better these days. She alawys looks happy. If you look on my blog, I follow a blog called "Life As We Know It." Turns out, my new neighbor is a girl from Pocola who says she used to be your friend way back in, like, the third grade or so. Her name is Michelle. Anyway, check it out. Maybe she'll look familiar...


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