Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

I remember the day so vividly.....Maddux was only 2 days old, and the nurse in the hospital asked if we cared to give him a pacifier - He took to it immediately - I have all of these pictures of him from 2 days old to just 3 days ago with his beloved "binky" - And not just any binky: his gumdrop pacifiers that can only be purchased online for about $2.50 a piece - Let me tell you, we ordered LOTS of them - too many to count. (I have no idea where those things go, but I'm sure they're scattered in odd little places all over the house) ANYWAY, we really felt like it was time for the binky to go. We had weaned him down to only having them at nap time and night time - He would ask for them on occasion during the day, but he knew the rules. Well, Sunday night we cut small holes in all 4 we could find. We gave Maddux all 4 of them and he was soooo happy. You would have thought he struck gold. He put the first in his mouth, sucked on it, then threw it across the room. Picked up the second one.....same thing. Third one and so on. He wasn't too upset at first, but then it came time to go "nite nite" -- He cried for 1 hour - It was awful! I wanted to give in so bad, but Max was so insistent. Thank goodness, cause if it had been up to me, he would have gotten a "good" binky after about 5 minutes of crying.
Fast forward to Monday nap time at school - We sent the binky to school with Maddux just like always, and we told his teachers what we were doing.....Maddux always comes home with a "daily report" of how his day went. This is what it said:
"Maddux did not want his pacifier - he said it was broke and he threw it down and
went to sleep!"
Well, Max and I were both relieved.....Until Tuesday night - Same thing as Sunday night except this time he only cried for 30 minutes................
Fast forward to the report we got today at school:
"Maddux did not even ask for his pacifier!"
Here is a couple of pics of the kids - Maddux enjoying his french fries at his new desk I painted for him. And one of him holding Addi Grace.


  1. Sounds like it went as well as possible! Way to stay strong, Kelly! Maddux is such a big boy, he is too sweet!!!!

  2. WHOO HOO Maddux! You are growing up too fast! I will be a little sad the day we take the paci away. Thst will probably mean she is not a baby anymore! Glad it went so well! Oh I can only imagine listening to my baby cry for an hour and knowing there is such an easy fix. Way to be strong Kelly...I mean, Max!


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