Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Maddux and Addi Grace: Please stay this age Forever!!!!!

Tonight was such a fun quiet night (until the Tornado Warnings) Maddux has recently started dragging his blanket around which is funny because he's never been attached to anything but his "binky". Anyway, I found this cute t-shirt at Target that has the body of Linus from Peanuts printed on the front. I thought it would be cute on Maddux since he has blonde curly hair. Little did I know that he would eventually start carrying a blanket around like Linus too!!
It has really hit me lately that I have TWO kids. Sometimes I can't believe it. Maddux and Addi Grace are growing so fast and I wish they could be this age forever. But on the other hand, every day just gets more and more fun, so I look forward to them getting older as well. Maddux is such a good big brother. He is very interested in helping me with things for Addi Grace. And of course, she just lights up anytime he is around. Well, tonight we were back in Addi Grace's room and Maddux wanted to get in the crib. He just sat there and played with the mirrored toy that hangs on the railing. He asked me to put Addi Grace in there with him. SO, I did! Here they are. (I tried to get him to get closer to her for a sweeter picture, but by the time he finally did, she was having a meltdown)
Maddux's school is raising money right now to re-paint the classrooms. They are having a penny race and he was talking about it tonight. He got all excited when I asked him if he was saying "penny race" - I got a ziploc bag out and we went around the house looking for spare change to put in his bag. We even went over to our neighbors house to see if they wanted to donate some "pennies" - He had so much fun adding change to his little bag. He also toted it around in his "trunk" (along with his juice and goldfish pretzels) - So cute!!!

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  1. SO CUTE!!! Yes...I am up at 3 am. Cilla will not sleep which is not so cute!


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