Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Tailgating

I read a lot - She does a blog series called "Show Us Your Life" where people get to post about a certain topic. Well, this weeks blog is about "tailgating" - As most of you who read this know I work for the University of Arkansas Athletic Department. Soooo, our family LOVES THE HOGS!!!! Today, we played Auburn in Football. Is was an 11:00 am game, so Max went to the game by himself (sorry honey - It was just too cold!) Anyway, we always tailgate with our friends the Tennant's at their family's house on campus - "1028" as everyone calls it. They park cars in their back yard and our "group" hangs out there before and after the games. It's SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!! Everyone has kids about the same ages, so it's so much fun to get together and hang out. We usually decide on the menu the week of the game and today's theme was "nachos" - It was yummy!! Here is a couple of pics of Maddux and Addi Grace. Every year we get "Mad Dog" printed on the back of his Razorback Football Jersey - The other pic is of him acting silly (which he did lots of that today!) He was such a good boy today. He didn't get in trouble one time! I'm thinking it's because I kept giving him cookies ;)

Here are the guys hangin out by the food of course....From the left Kyle Watson, Marty Sutton, Max, Jimmy Carey, and Justin Tennant. I have no idea where Billy Waite was during this picture...Sorry Billy!

Here is me and the girls (Leslee wasn't there - I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON! We missed you and Marisa!) Katie Tennant is to my right. Her and her husband have 2 kiddos: Jackson and Campbell - Jackson is the most hilarious little 5 year old boy that you will ever meet! He has this thing about asking people for their drivers license or Sam's Club Card - Katie told us he's going to be a police officer for Halloween this year. So fitting!! Campbell is their daughter. She is 9 months younger than Maddux and is so cute. Campbell and Maddux played together today and it was so cute to watch. Note to the Tennant's: I think Maddux is pretty fond of Campbell. He kept talking about her after we left. awe! Lara Waite is to my left. Her and her husband, Billy, have sweet little Finley. She wasn't with them today and we missed her dearly! She is ADORABLE! Another dear friend of mine, Leslee Sutton had to send Marty solo today. Leslee is a little under the weather. They have a GORGEOUS baby girl, Marisa, who is 1 month older than Addi Grace. Hope you feel better soon Leslee! Maddux missed your cupcakes!

THANKS TO THE TENNANT'S (FORREST, VANNY, KATIE, JUSTIN) for letting us hang out. We have a great time!


  1. so fun! i miss the tailgating! not many people tailgate here!

  2. GREAT video of your monster clan! Maddux's jersey is too cute! Sorry, but I was rootin' for Auburn. Kodi Burns is a former student of mine, so I couldn't possibly cheer against him! Too bad they stunk it up on the field...but congrats on the UA win! :0)


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