Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scary Mommy

So there is this contest on a blog I read at - AND, the winner gets this cool flip video camera - AND, I really want to start posting videos on my blog and I'm pretty sure my good ole Sony Video Camera from the year 2000 isn't compatible to my blog. Ha!

OK Here goes!!

You might be a scary mommy if.......
1. You feed your child goldfish and vanilla wafers for dinner. All because that's what he eats :)
2. You feed yourself goldfish and vanilla wafers for dinner. All because you are too lazy to cook.
3. You send your child to bed wearing last years pajamas that are so tight they look like spandex- all because you didn't do laundry.
4. You let your child SCREAM because you JUST CAN'T TAKE DORA ANYMORE!!!!
5. (My husband's favorite) Child finally quits screaming after you leave to go to store - Then realize your wallet is inside so you have to go back in - yikes!
6. Your child says "Son of a $#!@*" (in context I might add!) and laughs - You leave the room laughing about to pee pants. (For the record - we DO NOT allow this in our home - he has not said it since and I think I finally realize that children repeat everything you say, so I am trying not to say that anymore!)
7. You offer your child markers (and do not care whether they are the washable kind or not) just so you can watch "Real Housewives" re-run!!!!! Ha!!!


  1. FUNNY! It's amazing what we scary mommies resort to in the name of sanity...and still totally avoid child endangerment. Now that's creativity...or, on occasion, sheer exhaustion!

  2. Goldfish and vanilla wafers are better than the bag of chocolate chips I ate last night for dinner. Sometimes it's all about survival! :)


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