Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cleaning With A Toddler

I have been trying to do a little bit of cleaning each day, instead of trying to do it all in one day. Well, as I've said in previous posts, Maddux is my little helper! Today we mopped the floors, and since I only have one mop, I had to get the swiffer vacuum out. He LOVES that thing. And of course, it has to be turned on. Here is my little helper!
And of course, as soon as we were finished, he hopped on his tricycle and made sure those newly mopped clean floors were broken in!!!!

I also captured this picture of the kids with Max tonight. Maddux was so happy because he got to hold her! Also, Addi Grace got her 4 month old shots today, so I am thankful she was smiling in the picture. She is such a little trooper. So far no fever from the shots! Thank you Lord!!

Also, just wanted to congratulate my Sister In Law, Wendy Dunn for winning Celebrate of Northwest Arkansas' Favorite Photographer!!! Way to go Wendy! She is always been #1 in our book, and we are proud that she is #1 in theirs!! To see her work visit her website at www.wendydunnphotography.com


  1. What a cute pic of Max and the kids. You've got such a little helper on your hands. Too cute.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence (a little late, but HEY, I'm in peak season :O )


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